G a m e S er v e r s

Our specialized range of robust gaming servers

Superfast NVMe SSD Storage

Our nodes run the latest generation of storage technology utilizing superfast NVMe SSDs for low latency access and fast loading times.

High Performance Hardware

Powered by AMD Ryzen, with high single-threaded performance in mind, our hardware enables your server to run at its best.


DDoS Protection is included with our servers to ensure you are safe from attackers. Common and specialized attack methods are covered.

One-Click Addon Installer

A collection of the most popular addons for instant install to get you up and running quicker with just one click.

Steam Workshop Support

Direct integration to the Steam Workshop within our panel allowing you to easily select and install any addon you need.

Full SFTP Access

Supporting the latest and encrypted implementation of SFTP enabling you to access your server files with ease and speed.

Easy Configuration

We provide you with all the tools and resources you need to customize and run your server, from our advanced control panel.

3 Day Moneyback Guarantee

We want you to be happy and satisfied with us, but if you're not or you simply change your mind, we'll provide give you a refund.