Terms of Service

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At any point in this article the words “Us, We, Our, ourselves, company, the company, we, HexaneNetworks, Hexane Networks Ltd, Hexane Networks Limited, Hexane Networks, hexanenetworks.com” are related to Hexane Networks Limited.

Also at any point in this article the words “You, the customer, customer, customers, the persons” refers to you as the client.



No refund will be given under any circumstances after the 48 Hour money back guarantee, during this 48 Hours if your server or service goes down for a prolonged period of time without warning you can claim for a refund. (Please Note: Short scheduled maintenance does not validate your refund). After this 48 Hour grace period, you cannot claim for a refund under any circumstances.

Once the refund is given the service/package will be terminated and the data will NOT be recoverable. Please note that any server addons you may have purchased, are non-refundable and the 48 Hour grace period does not apply to server addons.

The following are not valid reasons for refunds:

“I bought the wrong server/service/package” (After the 48 Hour grace period)


PayPal Automated Payments

It is your repsonsibillity to cancel any automated payment subscriptions that you may have with ourselves in order to stop you from being billed. Find out more here


PayPal Chargebacks

We have a zero tolerance on PayPal Chargebacks, any persons who claim for a chargeback will get their account instantly suspended and their services terminated without a refund. This voids the 48 Hour grace period meaning you can’t get a refund of your purchase(s).



Prices are subject to change without notice, this may affect your next billing cycle.


Billing Cycles

We offer four Billing Cycles (terms) for server hosting: Monthly (1 month), Quarterly (3 months), Semi-Annually (6 months) and Yearly (12 months). At any time, you may elect to edit your billing cycle, but the change will not take effect until your next billing date/plan renewal.



Your chosen service/package will be renewed every billing cycle (Monthly, Quarterly, semiannually, Annually) via PayPal or a direct charge on your Credit/Debit Card. (For PayPals terms of service please visit: https://goo.gl/VID9CN )


Customers are not allowed to:

Host pornographic/adult/illegal items or medians.

Use the service as a mass storage facility.

Use the web service for fast downloads (You can find this in your Game control panel).

Alter or read files outside of your server (Other people's files or files relating to Hexane Networks).

Use any service for malicious actions or activities.

Increase a user's permissions beyond what was provided by Hexane Networks.

Stream or download any sort of digital median.

Re-sell the package or service.

Use leaked/stolen addons or scripts.


Account Termination

We reserve the right to terminate any account without prior notice at any given time. A refund will be given usually, but not guaranteed to any person(s) whose account has been terminated


Service Creation/Delivery

We strive to give an efficient setup time, but in occasions, the instant setup may not be successful which in return will require 24 - 48 hours to setup the service.



The client is responsible for creating a cancellation request for their service, failing to create a request will result in new invoices being generated and therefore billed from the account holders payment method. Any payments made before the cancellation will NOT be refunded unless they are still in their 48 Hour grace period



If you do not receive an invoice or some other important documents from Hexane Networks you are still required to pay for your service. All emails sent will be listed in the client area.


Data loss and prevention

We do not take responsibility for data loss in any form or cause. Including drive malfunctions, corrupt backups, crashes, bad modifications. It is the client’s responsibility to make sure they have solid backups regularly and in an offline location (On the client's PC).


DoS and DDoS

We do not take responsibility for downtime as a result of an attack, our dedicated machines are designed to withstand a certain amount of unwanted traffic. If any customers are purposely attacking Hexane Networks servers, an IP address will be traced and could result in an account suspension.


Server/Service Customisation

We are not responsible for customising a client's service (Unless paid for in their package). We are only responsible for the base barebones service. A client must be able to customise their own service before purchase.

Being unable to customise your service is not a valid reason to request a refund. An agent will help you to remove such customisations (at the risk of data loss) you have done to your service if you so wish.

We can provide a quote to customise your service but this is at the risk of data loss and possible corruption, as said above we nor our agents take any responsibility for damage/data loss to your service.


Uptime and Performance

We try our best to provide a 100% uptime and high performance service, unfortunately we cannot provide this all of the time, you will be notified if we need to take your service offline for actions such as scheduled maintenance.

Some services (especially game services) are known to be liable to crashes, we do not take responsibility for any data loss which might or might not occur. If your service does crash simply restart it.


Terms of Service Changes

We reserve the right to change our terms of service and privacy policy at any time without notifying our clients. It is the clients responsibility to regularly check for changes.



Hexane Networks Limited are not liable for donations/payment which are in exchange for virtual or physical goods on a server, by purchasing a server, you agree to remove all liability from Hexane Networks Limited in regards to customer service/payments and disputes.


Incomplete/Pending Order Deletion

At any time, Hexane Networks Limited can delete incomplete/pending orders which have not been paid.


Hexane Networks are not responsible for promotional codes. If a promotional code doesn't work please contact us and we will resolve this issue.

Last Updated: 20/05/2017 - Due for update in April.