Affordable Hosting Services

Unbeatable Game Hosting Services at affordable prices. Incredibly powerful resources packed with every server guarantees killer performance. Reliable DDoS Protection included with each server ensures consistent stability around the clock. Premium Garrys Mod Server Hosting located in in the United Kingdom and Canada.

Solid Performance

Our servers are equipped with the latest powerful technology keeping your servers running smooth and stable. With our top of the line servers, we guarantee that you'll have the best possible experience. Including extremely low pings which keeps everyones connection stable and smooth.

Excellent DDoS Protection

All our servers are protected from any size and type of DDoS attack. In front of our network, live filters are in place which blocks any malicious traffic attempting to reach our servers. These live filters block any incoming attack in real-time. You server will not be affected by an attack, we guarantee it.

Magnificent Support

We provide truly rapid customer support 24/7 via our live chat and our ticket system. Our team understands how communities function with years of backend experience including hands on experience. We are dedicated to providing you with all the support you require.

Trusted by 1,000s

We've gained trust by many people and company's throught our lifetime and we are continuing to grow.
Don't forget to read what our clients think of us below!

Lenny W

"I've used this company for a good week, and I've been enjoying every bit of it. The support is quick, simple and leaves you with a good knowledge of your problem.
Would recommend for any server!"
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Drew Williams

"I Started a server up with hexane about 1 month ago and there are so many things i could name that are amazing about them. I mean to start off with the support is phenomenal, you message them and they normally reply within a minuet or two..."
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Michael Onubogu

"Very nice host. Fast support, Friendly staff"
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"Hexane Networks provides an affordable price for any slot amount. On top of the affordable price, you're also receiving on the clock support which is great due to the fact most hosts are usually 3~ hours. I definitely plan on renewing my services."
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[VRP] Sarouty

"I would totally recommend these guys if you're searching for a host with cheap prices, and they also have an amazing performance, and not to mention the fantastic support they provide you with. So if you're looking for a cheap host with good performance, and a really good support, this is defiantly the place where you wanna go, you will not be disappointed..."
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"The hosting is amazing. I have used several hosts so far and this one is the most user friendly i have seen. I have also been asked on others to make a good review. However now i was asked to make a honest review. They will help you and are a great host in general. The interface looks amazing!"
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