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Welcome to Hexane

We provide robust hosting solutions with a laser focus on delivering the best performance and experience to drive the growth of your community

High Performance

Powered by high-end AMD Ryzen CPUs and fine-tuned to maximise performance, our premium hardware and software propels your server to run at its best for a smooth and lag-free experience.

Reliable Uptime

Always online, day and night. We operate on reliable and performant network infrastructure and utilise leading enterprise-grade data centre facilities to keep your server always online.

Fast Support

We are always here when you need us. Sometimes you're stuck and need a little guidance or you have something major... we're here to help in any scenario and won't rest until you're happy.

Instant Setup

New servers are automatically deployed within minutes of order completion allowing you to start working on your next project in no time.

Low Ping

Running on a premium, high-speed network with optimised software enabling the server to reach your players over the lowest latency route.

DDoS Protection

Every server is equipped with protection to keep you online. Blocking common and specialized methods and continually adapting to anything new.

Superfast NVMe SSD Storage

Our nodes run the latest generation of storage technology utilizing superfast NVMe SSDs for low latency access and fast loading times.

High Performance Hardware

Powered by AMD Ryzen, with high single-threaded performance in mind, our hardware enables your server to run at its best.


DDoS Protection is included with our servers to ensure you are safe from attackers. Common and specialized attack methods are covered.

One-Click Addon Installer

A collection of the most popular addons for instant install to get you up and running quicker with just one click.

Steam Workshop Support

Direct integration to the Steam Workshop within our panel allowing you to easily select and install any addon you need.

Full SFTP Access

Supporting the latest and encrypted implementation of SFTP enabling you to access your server files with ease and speed.

Easy Configuration

We provide you with all the tools and resources you need to customize and run your server, from our advanced control panel.

3 Day Moneyback Guarantee

We want you to be happy and satisfied with us, but if you're not or you simply change your mind, we'll provide give you a refund.

What Our Customers Say

We're rated Excellent on

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"Okay, first off, as someone who started becoming a server owner back in 2019, I had no clue which host I was going to use. Hexane was one of the hosts I had a try and wow... I never regret hosting with them. Hexane has one of the best, if not the best supportive community out there. You have a question? No problem, ask it in discord and get two, three, four, five people trying to help you fix your issue..."

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"Amazing performance along with an amazing support team. Affordable services for the performance and experience your community get with no interruptions. Along with the amazing performance comes and amazing discord allowing communities to come together and even ask for support about any issues they are having ranging from web services / game services to even development support! I highly recommend choosing Hexane Networks!"

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"Hexane Servers are an amazing team of talented individuals. they work hard to find out what is wrong when there is a problem and are always open to feedback. I absolutely love the community of 100+ people just like myself who have a love for creation on many types of game and web servers. would absolutely recommend giving them a try."

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"I have been with hexane for quite sometime and the support has just been wonderful. The staff and the players are always able to help when I need it. I absolutely love the Game panel and the amount of RAM and CPU. Its really affordable but yet so bloody good and I would really recommend Hexane :D"

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"I am so glad that ive found this amazing website. I was looking for a new host when i came across this spectacular website. Its cheap, and their performance is one of the greatest i have experienced. I would totally recommend these guys if you're searching for a host with cheap prices, and they also have an amazing performance..."

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"I have been using Hexane networks for a month now and all I can say is that it is a brilliant company. They care so much about their customers and are available to help nearly all the time and always fix issues and give advice. Servers that never have lag problems and are virtually indestrucable from ddos..."


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